Dr. Milisav Nikolic

"I highly recommend Dr Nikolic’s recovery program. It really helped me.” Predrag Mijatovic, Real Madrid CF

“I had a long-time injury, but after only a few days of applying Dr Nicolic’s recovery program, I was fully recovered.” Miralem Sulejmani, S.L. Benfica Lisabon

“Using Dr Nikolic’s recovery program, I solved my health problems and got much more energy.”
Luka Modric, Real Madrid CF

“Dr Nikolic’s recovery program helped me solve problems no one else could.” Goran Jaksic, European and World wrestling champion

“Our experience shows that Dr Nikolic’s recovery program shows the best results in treating athlete injuries”
Vlado and Zoran Lemic, football agents

Welcome to website of Dr. Milisav Nikolic, the world's leading expert in the treatment of sport injuries, spinal, bone and muscle injuries. Here you can learn about the principles of a healthy lifestyle, as well as methods for improving your health and conquering any disease. Always keep in mind the best-known medical adage: "There are no incurable diseases, only incurable people" (those who do not want to change their bad habits).

Our results, as well as the results of the team from the Institute for Natural Medicine, put us among the best world experts in medicine. Only a few days after adopting healthy lifestyle you will realize how powerful the natural medicine is.

The practice has shown that almost all sports inju­ries could be solved non-surgically, including the most difficult ones- spine problems (discus hernia), torn cruciate ligaments, torn Achilles tendon and others. Only non-surgically these and other injuries can be rehabilitated with 100% of success.

Each surgery is a shock to your body and can only be applied in cases of trauma injuries, and such injuries almost never happen in sports (such injuries occur in severe traffic accidents).

People sometimes have a problem with their spine, and they do not even know that. The cause of these problems could be: falls, a great burden, poor recovery, etc. With adequate therapy (restart of spine) innervation of muscles and all organs is in the proper function.

Dr. Milisav Nikolic has become known worldwide as a leading expert for solving sports injuries, non-surgically, for which he was awarded the prestigious “Rudolf Virchow” award by the European Academy of Sciences. His unique techniques of rehabilitation of injuries enable regeneration of damaged tissue in the shortest period of time (it takes 6- 7 weeks for the most difficult injuries), and entering the training process.

We invite you to become our fellow-worker and friend. We are here for you.